Negative Needlefree Injection Valve

Item Code: OV001-NG

It prevents healtcare workers and patients from being exposed to germs, diseases, etc. as a result of possible accidents. It was designed to protect against the effects. It allows the connection of syringe or serum sets to catheters in the vascular access without a needle via the male connector. It is used as an interconnect connector to transfer extracorporeal fluids to the patient, ensuring safe operation. When the male is separated by the connector, the valve closes at the same time, preventing the backflow of liquids.

Product Features:

– Sterilized with EO.
– Shelf life is 5 years.
– It can be stored between 5-40°C.

Flow Rate >200 ml/min
Priming Volume 0.09 ml
Dead Space 0.001 ml
Pressure Resistance
Split Septum
DEHP & Latex free
Compatible with Glass Syringe
Compatible with MRI/CT