Deodorize Hygiene


Deodorize Hygiene Stick

01. How to use hygiene stick?

The glass tube should be broken by bending the stick. Stick is ready for use as the substances turn yellow after mixing.

The liquid inside the stick starts to spread through the air as a gas and ensures the hygiene of the ambient.

02. Usage Areas

Personal Use
It is suitable for hand-arm bag, backpack, laptop bag, suitcase and usage in daily life. It creates a healthy ambient.

Home & Office Use
It provides a hygienic ambient in clothing and shoe cabinets, kitchen cabinets. It is effective in removing bad odors as well as providing ambient hygiene.

In-Vehicle Use
The deoderizer hygiene stick is also used in vehicles, one of the daily activity areas.


Contains a solution and an ampule

Bend the middle of the stick to break the ampoule inside it.

Shake the stick to mix the powder and the solution until the solution turns yellow.

If the liquid inside the stick becomes transparent again after using it for a certain period of time (2 weeks), throw it away as regular waste.